15 Year Old Carpet Still Looks New

Would you believe it if we told you the carpet shown in the images below is over 15 years old? This is another one of Brighter Image Carpet Care’s loyal customers’ that has been using our services for over a decade. With a regular cleaning schedule, whether it be annually or every 6 months…you can also maintain the life of your carpet and upholstery for years to come.

Maintaining Carpet

How often should my carpet be cleaned?

Often times homeowners wait far to long to have their carpet professionally cleaned. Everyone’s living situation is different. One family with children and pets may need to have their carpet and upholstery cleaned more frequently then a family of 2 with no children or pets. The EPA has put out guidelines that you can follow when trying to determine how often you should have your carpet cleaned or you can consult with us here at Brighter Image and we will gladly help you come up with a maintenance plan.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Keep These Tips in Mind

Along with having your carpet professionally cleaned there are some easy things you can do in between cleanings. If you follow these simple tips along with your regular maintenance cleaning throughout the year, you will be able to maintain the life of your carpet for several years just like the images you see on this page!

  • Invest in a good vacuum
  • Remove stains promptly
  • Blot – don’t rub or scrub
  • Stay away from store bought carpet cleaners
  • Make your own spot cleaner (This recipe would do the trick!)
  • Use carpet runners/area rugs
  • Use door mats
  • The most important tip of all….vacuum, vacuum and vacuum some more!

* The image below shows the finished product after our thorough cleaning process along with our carpet protection solution applied. The carpet protection is applied by raking it into the carpet fibers, not just sprayed on top like a lot of carpet cleaners do when they are in a rush. We feel confident that this particular customer will get another 10+ years out of her carpet!

Clean Carpet