5 Overlooked Messes You Don’t Want to Ignore at Home


Our lives are filled with the everyday challenges of balancing family and work life. With the attention we pay to our loved ones, we often find less time for those overlooked, messy areas of the home.  Clearing up these accumulated collages of a life being fully-lived brings a new enthusiasm to the very interests that have caused the messy hotspots of most homes.  There is also a boost both to our spirits and health that comes with a thorough cleaning. The effort in focusing on common messes encountered in a home will be rewarded by making room for new endeavors by keeping our present ones in clean and in good order, too. Here are five overlooked messes you don’t want to ignore at home:

Toy and Recreation Clutter

Whether children or adults, we all love our toys. Whether it is an avalanche of Lego blocks scattered amongst our dog’s chew toys or the pile of workout gear left in the hallway, finding a place for our toys and gear enhances our enjoyment of them. Cleaning also makes them appear newer and more inviting as an activity, giving new life to old favorites. Using greener cleaning options gives us the assurance that our children and pets won’t be touching harsh chemicals.

Closet Chaos

Do you turn your closet to a black hole? Weeding through your closet and organizing your clothes is a sure way to rediscover some of your favorite missing shirts. Making room for the clothes that fit and the ones that we probably should have left at the store also helps show you potential gaps in your wardrobe that should be filled as soon as possible. Freshening up both closet and clothes are a healthy adjunct to fashion.

Appliance Overload

Whether it’s our refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, or HVAC, appliances are the most taken-for-granted messes in our home. Regularly cleaning and routine maintenance are the key factors in long-lasting appliance health. Replacing your air filters, cleaning the washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator, from the inside out, will keep them in top condition.

Carpet Messes

After party spills, half-removed hairball spots, kid and dog tracks from the backyard, planter overturns and overfills, and puppy messes and accidents are not on our list of favorite things. They are, however, overlooked and a common condition of home carpeting. In addition to the initial cleanup, proper carpet cleaning is in order for health reasons.  The appearance of the home is improved in look, feel and freshness. It makes a new palate for the home’s activities.

Garage Glut

Hidden from view, the garage is the most overlooked mess in our home.  With that said, it also has the most potential for the extra storage that most families need. A good straightening followed by a good cleaning opens the garage space to family storage. Keeping extra household supplies, toys, and sports equipment, along with the usual tools and garden supplies, in the garage leaves more space for living in the home.

Are you ready to reclaim your space? Keep the above messes in mind and get started on your cleaning journey today—you’ll be glad you did.