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Professional Carpet Cleaner VS The Other Guys

Quality Carpet Cleaning VS Budget Carpet Cleaning In the video below is a job we were recently called to fix after another local carpet cleaning company simply could not get the job done. After walking through the home we noticed several spots as well as pet stains accompanied by a strong pet odor. In this quick video you will see why choosing a quality carpet cleaning company over a budget carpet cleaning company is ALWAYS cheaper in the long run. This tenant ended up having to pay for two cleanings in order to pass their move out inspection. Are we saying to find the most expensive carpet cleaner in town? Absolutely not! Just because a carpet cleaner is priced high does not make them a subject matter expert in the carpet cleaning industry. However, we highly recommend doing your research before hiring a carpet cleaner simply based on price. Finding a Reputable Carpet Cleaning Company So how do you find the right company that will be professional and meet or exceed your cleaning expectations? You Google them. Yes, it really is that simple. In today’s day and age you really can find out anything about a company with a simple online search. The information you will find could include: Customer reviews both good & bad How long they have been in business Before/After Photos If they are active in the community If they are in fact professionals in the industry And more… So with a simple online search you are basically being given the opportunity to give the prospective company a job interview without them ever even knowing. Pretty... read more

DIY Carpet Cleaning & Spot Removal Mistakes

DIY Carpet Spot Removal is Easier Then You Think Spot removal and DIY carpet cleaning presents some clarification on the common mistakes and practical tips for carpet care. If you’re concerned that carpet cleaning is a pain in the neck, meant to be handled by specialists, fear not. There are ways to avoid permanent staining on your carpet and maintain a clean and beautiful home. Here’s some common mistakes that people inevitably make when attempting to clean their carpet. The first mistake is the notion that the more you scrub at a spill on the carpet, the quicker and more likely the fluids will dissolve out of the fibers. Nothing could be further from the truth and whoever assumed that a little elbow grease is productive, was clearly misinformed. When vigorous scrubbing is performed on carpet, it damages the fibers and fades the carpet. In general, the means of achieving a stain-free carpet depends largely on the composition of the stain itself. However, it can be stated by popular consensus, that cold water and dishwashing detergent can be used to remove most common stains such as wine and blood. This leads us to the second mistake of DIY spot cleaning. When scrubbing with all your might, you start to notice that the stain eventually disappears, only to reappear again soon after exerting so much unnecessary energy. The idea that the stain will disappear instantly upon attempting to clean it up is truly a misguided one. In order to avoid multiple cleaning sessions, it is advised that you clean the stain up the right way the first time. This may... read more

Maintaining Your Carpet After A Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet will surely get dirty one way or the other and that is why you need the services of a professional carpet cleaner from time to time. It can be somewhat frustrating however, to see your carpet dirty again after a few weeks. So, how do you continue maintaining that clean look after they have been cleaned thoroughly? Firstly, you need to have a consistent vacuuming schedule and be dedicated to it. Your carpet should be vacuumed according to the amount of traffic each area receives. For areas that receive plenty of foot traffic, vacuum 3 to 5 times a week. If you have pets it is recommended to vacuum daily. A weekly vacuuming routine will remove dry soil that accumulates and will help to preserve the life of the carpet. Set a specific time in the day when you will be doing the vacuuming. After your carpet has been professionally cleaned, consider using carpet protection. At Brighter Image Carpet Care we offer a high quality carpet protection service. Having carpet protector applied will prevent stains as well as making cleaning up spills a breeze. Carpet protector acts a a barrier for your carpet and will significantly improve its lifespan. To learn more click here. If you want to maintain the clean appearance of you carpet for years to come, you might want to consider spot cleaning. Whenever something is spilled on your carpet, do not wait for the day when a professional cleaner will come knocking before removing the stains. Some of these stains and spills may end up becoming permanent because they were not taken care off... read more

Health Benefits of Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Many people clean their homes to keep it in tip top condition, however not many people regularly clean their carpet. Cleaning your carpet won’t just improve the aesthetic appearance of your home; it will also help to eliminate any toxins and pollutants that might be trapped in the carpet fibers. Many people won’t realize how dirty their carpet is until they have it cleaned, and you can really help to benefit your family’s health by hiring a professional to do the job for you. Eliminate Trapped Toxins & Pollutants Recent research shows that there is a wide range of pollutants and toxins that can become trapped in your carpet and upholstery, from dander to cockroach allergens, dirt and even heavy metals. Every time you walk on your carpet, you disturb these allergens, and this can lead to problems if you already have an existing health condition. By having your carpet cleaned, you can help to eliminate these toxins, leaving your carpet clean and pollutant free. Infestations Mites and other critters might infest your home, and your carpet and upholstery provides the perfect environment for them. Although these critters don’t directly cause allergies, their feces can. Because the mites and remains are so small, they can easily be inhaled, causing a reaction to you and your family members. Heat remains to be a very effective way of removing these critters, and this can all be done by simply having your carpet professionally cleaned. Mold Growth If you live in an area which has high humidity, you may notice that you carpets are very prone to mold growth. This is especially... read more

Top Ten Benefits for Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

    Top 10 Benefits for Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Have you ever cleaned your own carpets? It truly can be a pain and never is as easy or effective as professional carpet cleaners make it look. Many often argue the reason that a pro would be worth the pay. For that reason we’ve compiled the list of the top ten reasons to hire professional carpet cleaners. 1) Time Saving First of all the amount of time you save when you hire the pros is invaluable in its own right and is often times enough of a reason alone for most people to choose hiring someone to clean their carpets rather than to do it themselves. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean a house of any considerable size whatsoever, and with an already busy day and life it’s much more realistic for most people to hire someone. 2) Ease and Simplicity It’s incredibly easy when you hire someone to do the job for you. First of all when you do it yourself you have to deal with moving all the furniture, going to rent a carpet cleaner yourself, cleaning the carpet and then transporting the carpet cleaner back to the store you rented it from. All of this to achieve results that cannot come close to what a professional can produce. 3) Health Conditions Professional carpet cleaners always do a better job; it’s just the way the world works. One of the most attractive reasons to hire a pro are the health benefits that arise from a professionally cleaned carpet. For one the professionals... read more