Clean Up Your Cleaning Products With These Greener Options

green cleaning products


Keeping a clean house is a priority for most people. Uncluttered homes improve our mood, lower risk of injury, and give us an overall feeling of greater productivity. We are more likely to invite friends and family into our homes, and maintaining a clean house also keeps us on our toes, providing a bit of at-home exercise on a daily or weekly basis.

Then, there are the more pertinent reasons to maintain a clean house. By eliminating dust and other irritants in the air, we reduce allergies. Regularly cleaning surfaces kill germs that can cause a host of illnesses. Mold growth is prevented by keeping our bathrooms and appliances clean. Plus, cleanliness keeps the pests away.

Spring will be here before you know it. In preparing to usher in a sunnier, warmer season, many people find themselves energized and ready to get their houses in order. Previously, we shared some tips you can employ as you prepare to undertake the seemingly monumental task of spring cleaning.

One area to pay special attention to when cleaning your home is your carpet. Dirt, dander and other particles collect quickly, so vacuuming frequently is important. It also helps to spot clean spills and accidents that wind up on the floor as they happen.

Steam cleaning the carpet is also a good way to get your carpets in healthy shape, assuming you have checked to make sure the cleaner being sprayed by the machine is eco-friendly. Not to mention, a good shampoo can really refresh the look of the whole room.

One definite solution to really get the grit out is to annually hire professionals to perform a thorough, deep cleaning of your carpets. Their equipment and green products can reach places we usually can’t, and it’s certainly a worthwhile expense.

However, in this age of growing environmental awareness, have you taken the time to examine the products you’re using to keep your home in tip-top shape? By taking the time to research your options, you can bypass problems that may arise in the future from unknowingly using toxic cleaners in your home.

For starters, using eco-friendly cleaners is better for you – the person who is actually doing the cleaning. You will no longer have to worry about inhaling dangerous chemicals while scrubbing the tub on your hands and knees. Your kids and pets won’t be inhaling those lingering toxins, either. Switching to greener products reduces the chances of developing asthma and developing other respiratory issues.

Consider the cleaning products you use in your home appliances too. Washing your dishes and clothing with harsh chemicals have a direct impact on your health. Think about how soap transfers from clean dishes to your food to your body. Then, consider how you bundle up and surround yourself with clothing and linens. If there are traces left on these items, they could end up in your body.

Additionally, greener cleaners help our environment. It reduces pollution in our waterways and protects from ozone depletion, as the toxins frequently found in more traditional cleaners often can lead to smog in the air.

We also benefit from eco-friendly products because they are safer to handle. There are less inhalation risks, the cleaners are less corrosive, and they are less combustible. Using traditional cleaners that possibly include toxic materials can have long-lasting hazardous effects.

Consider what might happen if you use a seemingly inconspicuous product to clean your kitchen appliances, only to find out too late that you have potentially corroded wires and caused serious damage. This is why, in addition to taking measures to employ safer cleaning tactics, we also encourage you to research the best home warranties and other protection plans. Taking precautionary steps to keep ourselves and our families safe in our homes is paramount.

There are countless additional reasons to consider switching to more eco-friendly options when cleaning your home that are easily found online. By merely drawing attention to a few of them, we hope you will consider making some changes to your cleaning routines. Doing so will benefit your health, your safety, and help keep our world a cleaner, more eco-friendly place.


Guest Blogger: Paige A. Mitchell