DIY Carpet Cleaning & Spot Removal Mistakes

DIY Carpet Spot Removal is Easier Then You Think

Spot removal and DIY carpet cleaning presents some clarification on the common mistakes and practical tips for carpet care. If you’re concerned that carpet cleaning is a pain in the neck, meant to be handled by specialists, fear not. There are ways to avoid permanent staining on your carpet and maintain a clean and beautiful home.

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Here’s some common mistakes that people inevitably make when attempting to clean their carpet. The first mistake is the notion that the more you scrub at a spill on the carpet, the quicker and more likely the fluids will dissolve out of the fibers. Nothing could be further from the truth and whoever assumed that a little elbow grease is productive, was clearly misinformed. When vigorous scrubbing is performed on carpet, it damages the fibers and fades the carpet. In general, the means of achieving a stain-free carpet depends largely on the composition of the stain itself. However, it can be stated by popular consensus, that cold water and dishwashing detergent can be used to remove most common stains such as wine and blood.

This leads us to the second mistake of DIY spot cleaning. When scrubbing with all your might, you start to notice that the stain eventually disappears, only to reappear again soon after exerting so much unnecessary energy. The idea that the stain will disappear instantly upon attempting to clean it up is truly a misguided one. In order to avoid multiple cleaning sessions, it is advised that you clean the stain up the right way the first time. This may take more than just conventional dish washing detergent and cold water. It is therefore recommended to invest in specific carpet cleaning solvents that are recommended by the retailer or manufacturer of the carpet.

Another common mistake is one made by the most meticulous, structured, and compulsively neat people: overdoing the frequency of carpet cleaning. Yes, there is definitely more harm in cleaning more often than not. This is roughly due to the same reason why intense scrubbing is not recommended in treating a new stain; the carpet is worn away from general wear and tear that’s catalyzed by cleaning that’s carried out too often. You can see below how often the EPA recommends professional carpet cleaning.

EPA Carpet Cleaning

It would be beneficial to the carpet owner to consider the most common and potential carpet spills in their immediate environment and plan accordingly by researching the best products to use to clean up that spill. If you have pets, you’re likely to experience urine stains. Likewise if you have children, you might experience food stains from sauce or juice. Once you know what to expect, you can create a small, but efficient, response action plan to avoid the initial stress of not knowing how to remedy your particular carpet ailment. Brighter Image Carpet Care offers practical tips and tricks in order to avoid the hassle of immediate restorative maintenance. You can sign up for our exclusive mailing list to receive great articles on spot removal, carpet maintenance and our fantastic special offers. Click here to sign up.