How to Combat Dust Mites in Your Home

Dust Mites - Spring Cleaning

With spring right around the corner, you might be getting ready to start a deep cleaning of your home. This is an important step to get your year off on the right foot and ensure that your home is clean and healthy for the coming months. One of the most issues in homes is the dust mite, and they can be particularly sneaky about finding their way into your home and staying there despite your cleaning attempts. Let’s look at these pests and you can best combat them!

What are dust mites?

You might hear the phrase “dust mites” and just envision the creatures in question as nothing more than dust particles. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, dust mites are actually related to spiders! They’re microscopic arthropods, which means that you won’t see them with the naked eye, but they do have eight legs and a rounded body just like larger arachnids. Because they’re so tiny, however, it can be especially difficult to locate them and ensure that you ride your home of them for good.

How do dust mites get inside?

How can you stop dust mites from entering your home? Well, you might not like the answer. The truth is that dust mites thrive inside your house. That means that they’re born there and have entire colonies set up. Unlike something that might crawl underneath your door every now and then, in other words, dust mites are pretty much always present in homes. They’re quick to multiply and difficult to kill, too, so your efforts are best spent keeping their presence to an absolute minimum.

Where do dust mites thrive?

As mentioned above, dust mites thrive inside your home. But where exactly should you check for them? Because they’re scavengers that live off of dead skin cells from humans, they congregate where their food of choice is most prevalent. That means upholstery, like your sofa, your carpet, and even your mattress. In fact, your mattress is probably the most popular place for dust mites to live. If you’re getting enough sleep, you’re spending at least six to eight hours in bed every evening. During that time, you shift around, the bed heats up, you perspire, and dead skin cells slough off from your body. That’s feasting time for dust mites.

Do dust mites cause allergies?

Dust mites are a main source of household allergies. You can even have an allergic reaction to them. Contact with their exoskeletons and feces enough to trigger an immune response in some people. That’s why it’s important to kick them to the curb this spring!

How can I get rid of dust mites?

While you might not be able to eradicate dust mites completely, you can significantly their population in their home. Make sure that you’re vacuuming and dusting regularly, and that includes locations like your sofa and your mattress. You’ll also want to regularly air out your mattress and wash your bedding, too, given that your mattress is the main feeding grounds of the dust mites in your home. There are dust mite sprays you can also invest in, but you can also do a lot to control the issue without the use of toxic chemicals via the aforementioned cleaning tips.

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Guest Blogger: Lisa Smalls