Upholstery Cleaning


Restore, Maintain and Protect Furniture

We understand that fabric furnishings often come under heavy use, making them a prime target for soil, dirt and grime. By having your upholstery cleaned regularly, you can help to boost the life of your furniture while also boosting its appearance for years to come. Our staff members are experts when it comes to selecting the right cleaning equipment for the job, whether it is your dining chairs, sofa or even your mattresses, we can do it all and more. We use cleaning solutions that are non-toxic to people or pets, giving complete peace of mind for you and your family.

Why We Are the Ideal Solution

Our truckmount system is ideal for offices, homes and retail locations. We will not need to store heavy and obstructive equipment in your home, so you can continue your daily lives as usual. We understand that appearances are everything when you run an office or business, which is why our upholstery cleaning service is designed to deliver the best results in the shortest space of time. We can even clean upstairs and on higher floors, to access those hard-to-reach places that you never thought possible. With the help of Brighter Image Carpet Care, your upholstered furniture can be brought back to life.


Professional Upholstery Cleaning Products

Standard store bought detergents have often been known to lock in stains, as well as acting as a magnet for dirt and grime. Our premium cleaning solution is powerful yet safe, lifting and dissolving the dirt from inside the fibers. There is no excessive scrubbing or soaking involved that could possibly damage the fabric. Using commercial grade cleaning solutions we are able to effectively clean your furnishings in a thorough and safe manner. We pride ourselves on the service we have to offer and our team members ensure that our customers receive the highest results when they invest in our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.