When was your last professional carpet cleaning?

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

If we were to ask you when you last had your carpet and upholstery cleaned, would you remember? Would you have an answer at all? You are certainly not alone if carpet and upholstery cleaning is something you haven’t considered before or deemed necessary in maintaining the overall aesthetic and healthy environment of your home. For many people, this type of cleaning does not occur to them until they begin to observe noticeable stains and dirt; by then, it can sometimes be more challenging to clean several layers and years’ worth of grime. As well, by the time dirt is visible there is usually much more unseen pollutants in need of cleaning. Think about it like this: many of us try, to the best of our ability, to complete preventative tasks, such as: taking cars into the mechanic for routine checks at certain mileage milestones; vaccinating our pets and taking them in for annual wellness exams; seeing our primary doctor for yearly physicals.

Though carpet and upholstery in your home does not always need to be cleaned quite that often (although it can depend on the environment and how heavily trafficked your upholstery and carpeting are), having both cleaned at regular intervals helps to ensure each cleaning is not so extensive and arduous, as well as keeping your environment healthy by cutting down on allergens, dirt, and mold. Generally, upholstery should be cleaned about every 18-24 months and carpet should be cleaned anywhere from about 6-12 months, again depending on different factors. If you have a high foot traffic area (such as restaurants, nursing homes, retail stores, etc.) then you may want to consider a cleaning every 3-4 months.

You may be asking yourself why these intervals are truly necessary, but if you own a home or business, consider the value in making sure visitors and customers have a great first impression. Especially with regards to a business, noticeable stains of any sort may make customers question the overall cleanliness; if you run a restaurant they may wonder if you are sloppy with food handling and if you run a nursing home, they may question the quality of care the patients receive. Regular cleanings help to eliminate such doubts about hygiene.

There are numerous other benefits to frequent preventative cleanings for carpet and upholstery. If you have pets, sometimes despite trying to train them to do otherwise, pets may still lay on furniture. They shed, they carry dirt in their fur and paws and over time this gets absorbed by the furniture and carpeting. Beyond just eventually contributing to a soiled appearance, this grime can erode and deteriorate the material, thereby reducing the longevity of your carpeting and upholstery. Often the worst offenders are those unseen, the allergens and mold accumulating over time and exacerbating existing health problems or creating new ones.

So let us be your carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals! We guarantee our work, we will always deliver the best value and service for the price you pay. Whether it’s your home or business, you have invested time and energy into the place you call yours. We want to help maintain everything you’ve done and increase the life and value of your home or business.